6-Critical Drivers of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is not a job title or position as widely misinterpreted. Many folks have a warped ideology of what entrepreneurship is. Entrepreneurship is a mindset which reflects in our behavioral patterns.

The culture of an entrepreneur is the culture of sustained strategic thinking. It is the practice of identifying problems and creatively proffering solutions. Death begins when an individual suspends their thought process. The entrepreneur is the one who is constantly questioning the existing status quo. The highest role of an entrepreneur is to think. The business created is an off-shoot of strategic thought processes. This culture follows an interwoven systematic model of ‘’IMPACT-VISIBILITY & INCOME’’. Your impact is the value you create and bring into the marketplace. Your visibility is you being seen in the marketplace. Your income is the value you capture as returns on value created.

What are the real drivers of entrepreneurship?

There are six (6) critical questions every aspiring entrepreneur must take out time to answer at deep levels.

1. Who am I? (Self-Identity)

This is the self-identity question. What you don’t know, you will eventually abuse and also misuse. It was Socrates who said that the most important quote of all time is; ‘Man Know Thyself’. This means that everything begins with self-identity. Think about walking into a grocery store and asking the store attendant to help you with something that you can’t identify by name. It’s going to take a while before you leave there. The knowledge of self is the beginning of intentional living. This is the genesis of entrepreneurship

2. What do I have? (Capabilities & Skills)

Everyone is going to do their best with what they currently know and have at the moment. When you want to consider buying a product, you want to know what the product has to offer you as a customer. You’ve got to search deep to reveal what you have. In doing this, you can unlock your capabilities and skills. Your capabilities, skills, and capacity will determine your performance within a given environment. You can’t drive entrepreneurship successfully if you are ignorant of what you have. It is not what you don’t have that limits you but what you have and don’t know how to use.

3. What problem was I born to solve (Product)

I strongly believe that every single individual was designed and built to solve a certain problem. In the past 5 years of my journey, I have been solving the problem of the ‘knowledge and behavior gap’ via human development. In 2019, as a result of my quest to close the knowledge and behavior gap in people, I discovered a huge gap among startup entrepreneurs; the gap of disorganization and lack of structure. I started creating lots of materials to begin closing this gap so that startup entrepreneurs can build productive businesses from scratch. I am now fully focused on this problem and I love it passionately. So you must find the problem you were born to solve. Entrepreneurship is about finding and solving problems. There’s a unique problem that’s been assigned to you. Go deep and unlock it because that problem is going to eventually become your product

4. Who has this problem? (Audience)

Now that you have been able to unlock the problem you are going to solve, the next critical step is to find who’s got this problem. For any problem to be valid, it must have an audience else you go back to step 3. This driver will expose you to your audience (your market). These the people you are going to solve their problems in exchange for value. They are holding your money but you’ve got to solve their problem before they can release your money. You must ask yourself if you have an audience

5. Where are they? (Location)

Every audience has a location. They are not everywhere. The psychology and behavior of the audience will determine where they will likely be found. If you’re solving problems for 65–70-year-olds, you’d likely not find them in the virtual space. Even with virtual spaces, your audience is not everywhere. You’ve got to dig deep and find where they are domiciled. You don’t want to be talking to empty air. Determining where they are is critical to teaching and connecting with them

6. How do I connect, build, and sustain a relationship with them? (Channel)

You made it here. So let’s draw the curtains, shall we? The last critical driver of entrepreneurship is connecting, building, and sustaining a relationship with your audience. Remember that the audience is the center-piece of your entrepreneurial journey. If you can’t connect with them, then you really cannot solve their problem. It is not enough to connect with your audience, you’ve got to master the art of building relationships with them. You also cannot end at building relationships with them, you’ve got to learn the techniques of sustaining that relationship. It’s almost like getting married to them. The relationship has to be very compatible. To achieve this final part, you need to decipher the channel with which you will strike the connection which is why you should pay attention to critical driver 5. Your ultimate goal is to build a magnetic relationship with your audience so that you can keep solving their problems.

I hope this helped you. Cheers to becoming a successful entrepreneur
I am totally committed to helping startup entrepreneurs build productive businesses from scratch

Talk soon.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere
Africa’s Human Development & Productivity Specialist



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