I Took A Break From Here

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Lots of things were happening to me at the same time both at work and home. I needed to take some time to sort out a lot of things. Posting on Medium was not anywhere near my priority list. I understand how the algorithm works and all that stuff. Who cares about some algorithm at this moment. All I wanted was to sort out these issues and be fine for myself and those that will need me

I was having a conversation with a friend almost all morning. we talked for a while. We got to the work-life balance part which she stated that its now even work-life integration. I shared my perspective around that ideology and how that we will never find the balance we seek. It’s about placing priorities for me. At some point in your life, family will take the backstage for a while and some other times, business and career will take the back seat. It’s about understanding what your priorities are at each given level and acting along those lines

So, I took some time off and I am back here.

Talk soon.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere
Africa’s Human Development & Productivity Specialist



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