On Relationships

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The people in your life are either serving as ‘’CHANNELS’’ or ‘’ROADBLOCKS’’. The difference in your life is the ability to recognize the difference in people. The quality of your life in a year is connected to the relationships within your life in that year. The kind and level of people you’re consciously or subconsciously building will reflect in the quality of results within your life in a year. You always need the influence of someone to get a certain level. You’ve got to recognize those people. Everyone carries a certain energy. Energy management is ultimately important when recruiting or relating with people in your life. It takes only one individual with a negative energy to contaminate your energy and destabilize your entire life. People can come in and push you up. They can also come in pull you down.

‘’Relationship Intelligence’’ (RI) is the ability recognize, recruit and retain the right people in your life.

Having the right people within your network is critical and crucial to your overall success. It’s crazy but its true! You can’t succeed beyond the people within your ‘’energy field’’ (circle). If you’re not hitting that desired level, you might begin to look into your selection process. So many folks just get in people into their lives casually. Your life is actually a ‘’JOB’’ hence there must be some criteria required to hire people into ‘’YOU’’ company. Set the job description, roles and responsibility upfront.

Doing all these helps you know where to place people within your life. Monitor and evaluate your current relationship and make necessary adjustments. It’s your life we are talking about here, so you’ve got to guard it with all diligence. Negativity is always stronger than positivity, I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is.

Talk soon.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere
Africa’s Human Development & Productivity Specialist



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