There are quite a lot of things to write on the subject of vision. Vision is highly critical to your life success. This invariably means that if you ain’t got any vision then you ain’t going to intentionally succeed. I understand that we have subconsciously misconstrued the concept of vision due to how it has been largely over flogged. In my opinion we haven’t even touched the real thing in vision

“WOKE” folks will say “forget about this vision thingy, just do stuff”. I know where this is coming from. This has largely destroyed so many young chaps in a bid to join “Team-WOKE”. As a licensed coach, I have personally experienced the power of vision casting to know that it’s beyond mere words. It’s super powerful

I personally think that “Vision” isn’t the problem here but how we have gone about it. So many folks do not even understand the process of visualization. While having a chat with Simidrey, Tolu Afonja and Esther Akitoye on Beat FM, I addressed how visualization works. We have turned the process downside up so we eventually created things that we called vision which has no personal connection with us

In vision casting, you don’t write something and then force your mind to capture it and accept it. The mind doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to first see it before you write it. If your mind can not capture it, then it won’t process it for you to achieve it.

Your mind has to agree with it because 90% of all life outcome is controlled by your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind controls only 10%. Sadly, many folks haven’t gotten their supposedly vision into their subconscious mind.

The process is; See it, Write it and then Create it. I should be writing about this subject again pretty soon. I hope this helped you? I could use a clap from you. You can hit the “clap” button

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•The Strategist•




I design the structure and system that helps startup entrepreneurs build better profitable ventures

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Victor Onyekere

Victor Onyekere

I design the structure and system that helps startup entrepreneurs build better profitable ventures

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