You Don’t Need These Activities

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Having understudied the dynamics of performance and productivity across multiple environments, I have deduced a pattern; people get more productive when they are laser focused on fewer activities. Pre-covid, a lot of organizations were incredibly comfortable with keeping up with lots of activities and subconsciously promoting the culture of ‘’busyness’’

The pandemic re-wired our minds to identifying real-impact activities that are contributing to the productivity index of the organization and removing activities that were acting as weeds within the organization. You’ve got to re-imagine and re-evaluate your operations and cut off the activities that are not contributing to your productivity

One of the ways to operate in confusion is to build your operations around many activities. Activities doesn’t necessarily translate to productivity. The activity selection process has to be very strategic. There are some hidden weeds we have emotionally attached to that is mitigating our productivity on a massive level. You’ve got to let go even when it’s hard to

It’s time to find them and cut them off

Talk soon.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere
Africa’s Human Development & Productivity Coach



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